Tools to help you understand and enhance your self!

Leila's Seasoning Spice
All Organic herbs and spices with NO White Salt and NO Sugar, this seasoning spice will deliciously enhance your meals!

Vizual Music:Where Classical & Jazz Meet
My freshman effort at digital compositions, each track is a blend of classical and jazz tones expressed thru chapters of my life.

The Stolen Legacy
This is the audio version of the classic work by George GM James.  It details the fact that Greek Philosophy& Science was stolen from Egypt.

The Mis-Education of the Negro
By the founder of Black History Month
Carter G. Woodson this work he clearly explains how African Americans have been completely mis-educated through our school system.

Photoshopping For Dollars
Learn to use the most popular program in the world for design, Adobe Photoshop!  I will teach you in easy to understand language how to use this program to create products to sell or for your own business!

Safi Deodorant & Body Butter
All natural FOR REAL, with ONLY 3 INGREDIENTS to keep you fresh all day!  The body butter works just as well keeping your skin moisturized and glowing. • Copyright 2013 • All Rights Reserved

Shift: Stop Think and Be Without Doubt
Seeking better control of your thoughts and actions.  This is the book to help you on that journey

5 Sure Fire Ways to get Design Clients
If you are interested in being a freelance Graphic Designer or having your own Design business then this book will definitely shortcut your
path to getting clients!









From me to You!

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Leila's Crunch
All Organic herbs and spices with NO White Salt and NO Sugar. Oregano, Basil, Parsley, Black Sesame Seeds, Red Pepper Flakes and more!